Workout Anxiety

Happy Saturday, everyone!

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Getting my morning started early with coffee in my new mug my best friend made me. This describes me to a T lately. “Stressed, Blessed, + Pumpkin obsessed!”

Today I want to talk to you briefly on Workout Anxiety.


Over my years of running/fitness, I have experienced some ups and downs, but one thing remains: I love working out and being active!


I don’t run as far and as often as I did in college, but I still run a few times a week at least, and I run however long my body feels like running.


Something I personally have struggled with, but am getting better with, is this workout anxiety. This is when you get so anxious and uneasy during your day when you either haven’t worked out yet (but want to), or you see you won’t be able to.

We all live busy lives in today’s world, and everybody’s lives look different on a daily basis: kids, school, work, etc., and sometimes we just don’t have time to get a workout, or much of one, in.


Over the last year I have been working on trying to listen to my body more when it comes to fitness. If I have a very busy, stressful, or just tiring day, have little time for a workout, or am just not feeling it? I won’t do a workout…or if anything I will do some ab exercises/stretching.

On days where I have just a short amount of  time, I will get in a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout so I can get a quick one in, but a sweaty and challenging one! This can be doing sprints, bodyweight moves, or with weights.

Here is an example of a HIIT workout:

–Set a timer for 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest–

**Do these 5 moves 3 times through, each exercise at 30 seconds**

-Jump Squats (squats for beginner)


-Mountain Climbers

Tricep Dips (off chair or bench)

-Burpees (Jumping Jacks for beginners)


Are bodies are capable of doing awesome things, but we can’t push them too much. If you have a super busy day with no time for your normal workout routine, it just may be a good thing for your body to rest that day from working out. It doesn’t mean you sit around all day and do nothing. You may have errands to run all day, activities with your kids, or maybe you work outdoors. No matter the situation, if you are moving your body throughout the day, you don’t have to fit in an intense or long workout…especially if it’s one you are going to dread!

Do what feels right for you and your body, enjoy the exercise you do, and don’t sweat if you miss a workout! Anxiety over working out can build and cause issues, but listening and taking care of your body is more important to do in the long run.

Tomorrow is a new day with new opportunities! 😀


One thought on “Workout Anxiety

  1. Mile High Dreamers says:

    This is so real! The other day I was upset and stressed out and ALL I wanted to do was go to the trail and run, but I only had flip flops with me. Talk about workout anxiety! Working out is honestly the only thing that keeps me sane most days, I love it!

    Susie |


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