Silent HIIT workout (no jumping)

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

The last few days I’ve been dealing with the slightly sore throat which turned into the stuffy/runny nose and coughing/congestion. Yesterday had been the worst, but by 6pm (I’m writing this at 6:30pm) I was starting to feel better: less head pressure, able to breathe more from my nose, etc.


Something that is SO important when you are sick or feeling under the weather is to be sure you drink plenty of FLUIDS…specifically water. I was drinking on it just about all day and still never felt like my thirst was satisfied.


The other thing is to be sure you eat something nutrient dense. I didn’t take many food pics yesterday, but I started my day with a bowl of figs and banana slices, and pictured above was my lunch: romaine lettuce topped with chicken and orange pieces (for my Vitamin C)


And who doesn’t want some kind of “treat” when they’re sick? I decided to eat some of this Arctic Zero Maple Vanilla ice cream. At 150 calories per PINT, it’s a treat I don’t feel guilty eating.

By early evening, I had to move my body in some sway. I can’t stand sitting/laying around all day. Sure, I like having lazy days and relaxing days where I don’t do much, but I had stuff I wanted to get done and feeling the way that I did…it was just not happening.

I opted for creating a silent/quiet HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout that would take me around 20-30 minutes to complete. Now that I am a top floor apartment, I knew I had to avoid jumping. Plus, I just wasn’t in the mood for plyometrics -_-

I created this workout and completed it right around 20 minutes…and I was left sweating!


I used furniture sliders for my mountain climbers, but these can be done quietly without the sliders, or if you want, you can sub this move out with another ab move like crunches or plank hold.

For those who are beginners, you can stick to only 2 rounds of circuit #2, or lower your time to 40-45 seconds….even 30 seconds if need be. Adjust it to your fitness level and do YOU. 😀

I finished off the night with some steak tips Matt cooked, on top of a bed of spinach, along with some cooked potatoes and onions.


I went to bed fairly early after that. I had napped on and off a couple times during the day and was still tired early. Oh well…today is much better.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


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