Hello everyone, and welcome to The Balanced Health Coach.


My name is Emily and I am so glad you dropped by.

For those that may know me, I have blogged off and on the last few years. Anytime I was in a season where I was not blogging, I missed it. I just have this love and place in my heart for blogging.


(Mom and I at graduation…Dad took the picture.)

I graduated Belmont University in 2014 with a B.S. in Exercise Science and a minor in Nutrition.

I am a certified personal trainer, spin instructor, and up coming health coach.

Just recently I decided to go through a Health Coach certification that I can add to my career. Fitness and Nutrition have always been a big part of me and my passion is to help others in their own health + fitness journeys…not just to reach their goals, but find a healthy balance where life (and food and all the in between) can be enjoyed.

This blog will share tips, advice, etc., on healthy living and balance. It will also provide my health coaching services for any who want it.

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Here you will find anything from health + fitness advice, to DIY, product and/or restaurant reviews, recipes, and daily living.


This November I will be marrying my best friend, Matt. So be expecting him on the blog as well! He encourages me everyday and helps me in so many areas. I can’t wait to be his wife!

So the name of this blog is “The Balanced Health Coach”. I will say now I am nowhere close to finding complete balance in my own life, especially with food; but finding this balance is a journey, and together, I want to help us get there…all while enjoying life along the way.